Tips for getting the Tesla windshield replacement or repair done at the best price

Tesla has always been one of the most expensive luxury car brands but it has never compromised with the quality of its products. This is another reason why the products of Tesla are sometimes more expensive than other brands available in the market. If you have been wondering about the cost of a Tesla windshield replacement then here are a few things that are worth knowing. Tesla over the years has been one of the most significant brands that have managed to produce electricity operated vehicles. Thus, contributing to a greener environment. This had led to the use of Tesla cars across some regions of the world. the parts are expensive and the reason behind that is that they are manufactured in a limited number of places across the globe and thus repair takes time.

Try to get the windshield repaired

This is usually a cheaper option. Just go to some nearby Tesla outlet and ask for the estimated cost of Tesla windshield repair. They will give you the estimate and accordingly you can make a decision. If you are opting for a repair then it will cost you much less than that of a replacement and moreover, if you are going for a repair then it will take much less time for the process since there is no involvement of importing any parts of the car. So, if the repair is possible then for Tesla cars it is always advisable that you go for a repair. But in case you are going for replacement then have this idea in mind that it will take you a good amount of time. Another important factor is the age of the car according to which the repair or replacement is decided. You can consult a specialized person from Tesla to know which one would be better for your situation.

Never get the repair done from unauthorized mechanics

When you get the repair or replacement done to make sure you visit the Tesla authorized mechanics and stores only. If you get the repair done from an unauthorized store then a number of different problems may arise. Here is a list of few of them that have been known for the past few years.

  • Tesla’s original warranty on that part of the car is lost permanently and even warranty of some associated parts may be canceled in some cases. Which are those parts is determined by tesla after a thorough investigation of the vehicle.
  • The replaced windshield does not cooperate with the sensors of the car creating additional difficulties for the driver.
  • The cameras of the car are also calibrated with the windshield. So, in case you get the repair done from some random mechanic then this calibration is lost.
  • The new windshield may create difficulty in balancing the car when driving at high speed. This problem has been reported by many customers who did the mistake of not getting the windshield repaired by authenticated persons.

So now you can understand why it is highly recommended to get your car to a Tesla zone only. Now if you are taking to the local mechanic just to save some money then you might end up in other difficulties so it is better to avoid such steps.

The cost depends on the model of the Tesla car

When you obtain quotes for a repair or replacement of windshield or any other part of the car then you will have to mention the model of the car and the year of purchase of the car. Depending on these factors the estimated cost is given. If you are not aware of the model number then you can take your car to the nearest store to know about it. The price of replacing the windshield also depends on the model of the car. Usually, the more expensive models cost more. This is because of the sensors. When the windshield is replaced the sensors also have to be modified accordingly. In the high priced models the sensors are more sensitive and delicately placed so you have to pay more for the repair.

How to get in touch with the Tesla service center

If your car any kind of crack or chip break or anything then you can follow the following steps to get the repair done.

  • Visit the Tesla site online and obtain a free quote for the repair or replacement process by mentioning your car model number and the year of purchase.
  • Once you obtain the quote just book an appointment with the service center.
  • Visit the center and they will tell you the approximate time they need to get the repair done.
  • Get the repaired car delivered to you long with Tesla warranty.

In case you get the repair done from an unauthorized store then the warranty is not provided.

Visit the service center as soon as you spot any damage

Sometimes what happens is that when you see a minor crack in the windshield you tend to avoid it. But this is probably the biggest mistake. If the crack is minor then it might not have damaged any sensor yet and repairing it will not cost you much. But if you wait for the repair and in the meantime, it is damaged further then there is a very high chance that it will damage the sensor and then you will have to end up spending a lot of money on the Tesla windshield replacement. So, make sure the next time you see any such minor damage you take the car to a service center. Repairing a minor crack or chip crack will not take you a long time and will cost you quite less. So just get it done in time.

Thus, the cost of repairing a Tesla car is highly flexible and depends on the age of the car, the warranty on the damaged part, the model of the car, the nearby sensors that the crack has damaged and a number of other such factors. So just take the car to a nearby authorized Tesla service center as soon as you spot any kind of crack or chipping in the windshield or in any other part of the car.